Monthly Subscription

Subscriptions ('subs') are 180 a year, payable over 12 months at 15.00 a month. This covers all weekly activities and uniform.

They are collected in advance by direct debit on the 1st of each month or shortly after if the 1st is a weekend or public holiday.

To help you keep track, we will send an advice invoice a few days before each monthly payment. Your first invoice will be sent immediately, with subsequent invoices on 20th of each month.

Along with your first invoice you will receive a separate email asking you to setup a direct debit.

Other Activities

In addition to the weekly meetings we run additional activities, such as sleepovers, camps and trips (some of which may be chargeable).

Group policy is that no child should be disadvantaged by the financial position of their parents and the Group will help with genuine cases of hardship. If you require help, please get in touch in absolute confidence.

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