Joining Form

Thanks for your interest in our Scout Group, a youth activity of St Vincent de Paul Catholic Church.

Please complete the form below to add your child to the joining list. Available places will be offered to children who are on on the list and over the age of six.

Where there are more eligible children than places available, the following priority will be applied:

  1. Siblings of existing members and children of leaders and regular volunteers;
  2. Active members of St Vincent de Paul Parish (i.e. attending Mass regularly and known to clergy);
  3. Children living within the parish* and attending a Catholic school;
  4. Other children living within the parish;
  5. Children from outside the parish.

*Auldhouse, Ballerup, Greenhills, Lindsayfield, Newlandsmuir and Whitehills. If do not live within the parish boundary it is highly unlikey that we will be able to offer your child a place, but see volunteering section below.


The Scout Group is run entirely by volunteers and the more volunteers we have the more places we can offer.

If you can volunteer on a regular basis (we can work around shifts and other commitments) not only will we be able to offer your child a place far more quickly, but you’ll have the satisfaction of helping other children in our community to experience Scouting


Annual subscription is £180, payable in 12 monthly instalments of £15. Some other activities such as camps and trips incur an additional charge. All payments must be made by direct debit.

Our policy is that no child should be disadvantaged by the financial position of their parents and the Group will help with genuine cases of hardship. If you require help, please get in touch in absolute confidence.

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